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I hope it can be your safe place to find relief from stress and anxiety through breathing exercises and relaxing music.

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This month we will breathe...

Dear friends, I recently got sick with covid and I couldn’t do the breathing exercises anymore. I simply didn’t feel well enough. If you have had covid, probably you’ll know how it feels… When I started to get better I realised the usual 4/7/8 or 4/6 felt like struggle to me and therefore I made an exercise for a very soft and gentle lung recovery. Only 2 seconds of inhale and 4 exhale. The first round is done while laying on the back, the second on the stomach with gentle and calming music in between.

Sometimes you simply have to start small…

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     Aiva has made a playlist  for Breathing & Meditation. 

Enjoy the peaceful music and feel more balanced with gentle sounds of flute, piano and meditatative soundscape.

Listening to music Aiva

     Every living being on Earth breathes. The oxygen flows to every cell and gives them the energy to function.
     Breathing is much more than a simple act that sustains life. It is a bridge between body and mind – a mirror of emotional and physical health.

     Breathing is one of the few bodily processes that can either be voluntary or involuntary. The inhale/exhale patterns acquired by practicing breathing exercises can become a permanent habit and modify the automatic way of breathing, creating a powerful ally to sustain us in every moment of life.

Manage stress $ anxiety
Manage your stress and anxiety!
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Boost your focus and concentration!
Improve sleep quality
Improve sleep quality!
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Restore your mental and physical health!