Breathing journal

Record, analyze, and watch your inner consciousness unfold as you discover yourself through breathing exercises. With this journal’s help, you can track your daily breathing exercises, sleep hours, energy and stress levels, heart rate, and control pause.

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There is magic in your breath…

    Breathing exercises have an almost miraculous effect. Simply inhaling deeply a few times can soothe your nerves and lessen anxiety. However, if you can commit to practicing breathing techniques regularly, you will experience life-altering advantages.

    Through breathing exercises, your mind and body undergo subtle transformations. You “awaken” as your lungs strengthen, your blood pressure and heartbeat stabilize, and your mind unwinds. By reducing stress and anxiety, you can enjoy more restful sleep and feel invigorated and centered the following day.

   The rewards of these gains hold the potential to alter your life. If your health is strong, you feel better. When you feel better, you become happier. With a positive mindset, you can make better choices, resulting in success and overall wellness in all facets of your being – whether it be family, profession or personal advancement.

Breathing journal is a companion in your breathing journey. It will help you to focus on your goals and allow you to track your progress over long periods of time.

     Keep track of your Breathing practice for 24 weeks, annotate the hours of sleep and your energy and stress levels,  Keep track of the parameter of your choice and Control Pause.

     Write down your week’s insights and revelations. 

my progress page

     My progress page is the place where you’ll discover the impact of the Breathing exercises on your mind and body over time. You’ll notice the difference between the days when you are practicing and the days when you are not. These pages will be your main reminder and inspiration to keep up with practicing breathing!

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