5min Feel calm exercise

for Anxiety relief

A wonderful breathing exercise to make you feel calm and regain inner peace. Lower your stress levels and feel better again.

       Every summer me and my husband spend some time in South Italy. There are many beautiful places to visit and one of our favorites is Cascata Campanaro in Valle Cupe. If you go there early in the morning there is a good chance to be all alone with nature, listening to the water falling into the little pool, chirping birds, and the rustling of the leaves. In this place the calm of nature surrounds you and you feel like a part of something bigger.

     With this music, I wanted to transmit the sensation of peace and belonging to nature. This wonderful feeling overwhelms you when you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

     I didn’t use the flute in this music. There is a funny story about that. I wanted to make a beautiful and romantic photo shoot with the flute by the waterfall, but while I was posing sitting on the wet, cold and slippery rock, cold drops of water kept falling on my head. My butt was starting to freeze off, and all the sensation of peace and calm was gone.

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