Free breathing videos

3sec box breathing
Box breathing

3sec Box Breathing

Box breathing is a simple technique that can be swiftly acquired and has notable efficacy in moments of stress.

miniature Box exercises
Box breathing

3 rounds of Box Breathing

3 rounds of 3 breathing cycles will help your brain to relax and focus. Remember to inhale in your lower abdomen and to exhale through your nose or mouth!

Concentration breathing exercise
Box breathing

7min Concentration exercise

Box breathing exercise for better concentration is a great way to get yourself into a mood for working or studying.

Better sleep exercise
Box breathing

Better sleep – Box exercise

If you sleep better, you rest better. If you rest better you function better. This exercise will help to calm down and get asleep quickly.

Depression breathing exercise
Box breathing


This box breathing exercise will calm your mind and give you relief from negative thoughts. Depression and sadness will leave your body.

winter box breathing
Box breathing

Winter Box Breathing

3 minutes to calm down and concentrate. An excellent exercise for stress management and study.

Box breathing
Box breathing

Box breathing exercise

Box breathing will help you relax and bring your breathing to a normal rhythm. It can improve focus and clear the mind.