7min Concentration exercise

Feel Calm

Box breathing exercise for concentration is a quick way to get into the mood for studying, working, or other activities where a high focus is needed. Concentrating on your breath cycle will increase the airflow in your body; it will lower stress and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Highly trained military individuals – Navy SEALs use box breathing before entering high-pressure situations. It helps to stay calm and focused.

Box breathing exercise for concentration is not difficult to do. You have to:

Breathe in through your nose – 4 sec
Hold your breath – 4sec
Breathe out through your nose – 4 sec
Hold your breath – 4sec

“Breathing for concentration. Can it be true?

Concentration is the action or power of focusing all one’s attention. I can assure you that I need all my mental power to concentrate and write these lines. A big blue tractor is working right at the front of my window, a cicada is making an awfully loud concert in the nearby pinetree… ahhh…. one more minute and my mind will explode!!!

Would it be possible to practice concentration and reach a level where all these distractions magically go away if I need to focus my attention on something? Will this box breathing exercise for concentration will help me to get my task done? Let’s find out!”

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