3 rounds of Box Breathing

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The box breathing exercises are extremely useful when you feel overwhelmed. I have found that box breathing is something that helps the brain to relax and refocus. It allows us to see the priorities and create a list of tasks. And when we know clearly what we have to do, it is easier to concentrate and be productive.

3 rounds of box breathing cycles will help your brain relax and focus. Remember to inhale in your lower abdomen and exhale through your nose or mouth!

When I was a student at the Latvian Music Academy, I was accepted for Erasmus student exchange program to go to study in Italy. I was so happy! Italy!!!! It was a fantastic opportunity to travel, study music and meet new people. But as much as I was happy, there were some problems too.
As the day of the flight came closer I realized, there was no way to bring with me everything I needed. Never in thousand years, I could manage to fit all the things in the little space of a standard-size suitcase.

Fast forward to the present day where I sometimes feel my brain is like a suitcase where you can’t fit everything you need! The tasks to do, the things I wish I had done, the plans for the future, the upcoming deadlines and… and…. – that’s only a part of what the brain has to manage. And instead of actually managing something, it goes numb. (and starts to party with friend procrastination!!! ) I know I am not the only one with the “brain suitcase” too small for the amount of mental luggage to fit in! My friends and relatives are complaining about the same thing, so there is a chance sometimes you are feeling this way too.

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